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"The idea is a beautiful inefficiency: a tiny but infinitely more affected Odyssey Works production doesn't scream 'art' so much as whisper it into the subconscious retroactively."
-A Waking Dream Made Just for You


"Each Odyssey is part monthslong surprise birthday party, part love letter written in every conceivable language–and all just for you."
-Elaborate Plays for Audience of One

 "[Odyssey Works] hopes to create sweeping, awesome experiences for audiences, affecting them in ways that no normal art piece could."
-Designing for Misuse

"People have been changed by the performances. They've quit their jobs. They've ended relationships."
- Studio 360: 
A Play Where You’re the Star, But There’s No Script

 "Instead of a mediated mass experience measured by critics or box office...why couldn’t art be more like a love poem, built on intimate understanding?"
-Who Staged a Months-Long Performance Piece Just for Rick Moody? 


“The border between the quotidian and the performative became inapparent."
-ImmaterialWhen I Left the House it Was Still Dark



 “For Odyssey Works, the city is not just a stage, but is an environment rich with significance, individual to each of us. Each performance mines these personalized landscapes to create a profound, transformative experience.”
-Odyssey Works: The City for an Audience of One


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