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New York City: Gran Electrica Cafe, the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall Park, subways, taxis, Samsara Cartographic Consultants Main Office, Central Park, a community garden; Upstate New York: private home in Garrison, NY; Assemblage gallery and artist's workshop in Oak Hill, NY; Public Scene: The Mapping Mayhem at City Hall Park, wherein the park was filled with mappers in green, mapping all sorts of phenomena with string, tape measures, their own bodies, etc.


Director: Abraham Burickson; Formal Structure Team: Ariel Abrahams, Abraham Burickson, Ayden L.M. Grout, Tal A. Gluck, Jen Harmon, Christopher Tocco; Production Team: Ariel Abrahams, Bjørn Stange Ankre, Danielle Baskin, Molly Edwards, W. Laurie Ewer, Tal A. Gluck, Ayden L.M. GroutJen Harmon, Christine Jones, Charlie Maciejewski, Zack Rosen, Alexander Symes, Christopher Tocco, Nell Waters; Writers: Abraham Burickson, M. S. Coe, William Cordeiro, Ayden L.M. Grout, Elizabeth Hille, Bob ProehlActing/Scene Development: Jen Harmon, Christopher Tocco; Acting: Emily Alpren, John Andrews, W. Laurie Ewer, Daniel Kwiatkowski, Charlie Maciejewski, Michelle Reyf, Mike Sadler; Park Performers: Amelia Saul, Dimitri Vital, Doug Chapman, Ariel Beach-Westmoreland, Faith Westdrop, Bryce Cutler, Kelly Donovan, Eulani Labay, Emily Alpren; Dancers: Danica Holoviak, Storme Sundberg, Un-Jin Kim; Book Design: Sasha Wizansky; Ritual Facilitation: Jesse Hathaway, Matthew Mitler; Documentation: Ayden L.M. Grout