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JUNE 24 - JULY 1, 2018



Odyssey Works' Directors will facilitate a dynamic and energetic collaborative environment. We will hit the ground running. We will present concepts of empathetic design, teach methods for making diagrams, and practice creating spaces of intimacy and curiosity. Each student will be selected for their particular expertise, and we will work across disciplines to create a transformative experience together. Days will be spent researching our chosen participant, collaborating in the development of particular moments for them, and learning the Odyssey Works approach to experience design. Each student will return home seeing their personal, professional, and creative lives through a new lens. 

Be prepared to spend the week deeply immersed in creative research, design, and production. We will be in an incredibly beautiful environment, and the project we complete together will be demanding. We will live, eat, and work together full-time. 


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$980 per person, single occupancy weekly
$700 per person, double occupancy weekly

We will be hosted in a gorgeous beach-front boutique retreat center in El Pescadero, in the Baja California Sur peninsula of Mexico. Students have the option to stay in a private room, or share a room (both have air conditioning). As a group, we will share two chef-prepared meals a day (included in room and board), plus one meal of leftovers daily, or you can have the option to dine out. The retreat center has a lap pool, hot tub, and steam room, as well as a library. There are bicycles, yoga mats, and props available for use as well. 


You will be responsible for your own airfare and transportation. The closest airport to El Pescadero is Los Cabos, Mexico. Students should arrive on Sunday, June 24 and depart on July 1. We will arrange transport to and from the airport in Los Cabos.


This is an unprecedented chance to join Odyssey Works Directors Abraham Burickson & Ayden LeRoux for one week in Mexico to learn our hard-earned secrets from 17 years of designing experiences for one person audiences. The cohort will work collaboratively to study the life of our chosen participant and design an interdisciplinary experience for them that will take advantage of the local surroundings. 



$1500-2500, sliding scale

We are incredibly aware of the widening economic gap in this country and throughout the world. It is our goal to make this intensive is as accessible as possible. Tuition for this retreat is offered on a sliding scale based on your income. We are also offer payment plans with incremental installments. Accommodation and transportation are not included (see below). 

We will take applications for one work-study student, who will receive a reduced tuition of $600 and free room and board. The work-study scholarship recipient will still be responsible for their own transportation to and from Baja, Mexico. Be prepared to do an average of 5-10 hours of work a week for us in the month before our retreat, and to work full-time with the facilitators the week before and the week of the intensive. Please indicate on your application that you are interested in the work-study position.