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Sites: Straw Bale Observatory (Dennis Evans), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Sandy Hook, NJ, Sid's Hardware, Brooklyn Bridge, a string of stops along NJ transit, and various private homes; Public Scene: Metrotech Plaza, Brooklyn, New York


Director: Abraham Burickson; Formal Structure Team: Abraham Burickson; Ayden L.M. Grout, Jen Harmon, Ariel Abrahams; Director of Acting: Jen Harmon; Site Manager, Volunteer Coordinator: Ariel Abrahams; Director of Documentation: Ayden L. M. Grout; Production Assistants: Xandra Clark, Jessica Ferris; Field Operations: Nell Waters; Composition: Travis Weller; Designers: Danielle Baskin, Sasha Wizansky; Head of Musicians: Laurie Ewer; Web Designer: Carl Collins; Marketing: David Wishart; Actors: Neil Donohue, Xandra Clark, Mateo Pendergrast, Mike Sadler; Wood Props: Charles Cali; Musicians: Hannah Marcus, Travis Weller, Leanne Zacharias, Erich Schoen-Rene, Xandra Clark, Jonathan Chang; Choreographer: Jen Harmon; Dancers: Maya Orchin, Kristin Swiat, Jessica Myers, Lydia Chrisman, Annie Saeugling,  Giovanna Gamna; Production Crew: Charlie Maciejewski, Eulani Labay, Kelly Tierney; Bridge Actors: Jonathan Tarleton, Laurie Ewer, Eulani Labay, Kelley Tierney; Dream Analysis: Irving Slesar; Written Material: Abraham Burickson, Amy Hempel, Ayden L.M. Grout; Food: Laura Miller, Neil Donohue

Special thanks to Stephen Shelley and the BEAT Festival for their generous support, and to Dwight Moody, Randy Polombo, Peggy Moody, Hannah Marcus, Sue Burickson, John O'Connor, Helen Schulman, Amy Hempel, and all the fools in Metrotech Plaza.