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Odyssey Works has been perfecting the craft of transformation for over fifteen years. Our workshops begin with empathy because it is the best tool for creating truly collaborative teams, effective design, and a positive impact on the world. We understand that making a meaningful life, business, or creative practice involves challenges and breakthroughs, not simply divine inspiration. We hold workshops for founders, corporate teams, designers, artists, educational institutions, and the public. 

Attended an @OdysseyWorks workshop last weekend and it was the best team building experience I’ve ever had. #saynototrustfalls
— Kevin Hale, Partner, Y Combinator
“The workshop was AMAZING! All week students came to me to say that the workshop had opened up their thinking about their thesis work. The attention from Abe and Ayden was thoughtful, kind, informed, and fresh.”
— Ellen Lupton, Curator at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and Director of Graphic Design Department at MICA
The Odyssey Works Experience Design Intensive...was probably the most compact, relevant, valuable professional development training I’ve done in my life (and I’ve done quite a few).
— Katie Green, Artistic Director, Twin Alchemy