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Master Class Scholarships and Work Study

We appreciate that financial need is a real concern for some. This year, we are making available two work study positions and a limited number of partial scholarships. We ask you to fill out the self-evaluation in good faith and we will not ask for any documentation. Consider paying full tuition if you own your home, have inherited or family money, travel frequently, chose to work only part-time, have investments, have high earning power because of your educational, gender, and/or racial privilege.

Our two work study positions have specific roles: one will be a Production Manager and the other will be our Chef (see below for more detail on what is expected of each position). These positions will be evaluated based both on financial need and qualification for the job. Work study fellows pay only $600 for room and board, but are still responsible for their own transportation to the Finger Lakes.

Applying to be a fellow does not disqualify you from applying to be the participant (our one-person audience). Note that if you apply for a scholarship you must also apply to be a fellow. 

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The production manager will be asked to assist the Odyssey Works Directors in preparing for the workshop and running the workshop. This will require approximately 10-15hrs of remote preparation before the Master Class and work throughout. The Production Manager will be asked to arrive 1-2 days early. Production Manager will pay a room and board flat fee of $600. The Production Manager work study position offers the fellow the most in-depth relationship with the creation of an Odyssey. Leave Blank if not interested. Please tell us a little about your experience and interest in being the production manager. 150 words max.
The Work Study Cook will be responsible for managing the kitchen, planning meals, and leading teams in cooking for the cohort. All fellows will be required to do shifts in the kitchen, and the cook will not be required to prepare all meals, but food is the cook's responsibility. Cook will also manage shopping and food budget. Cook will arrive and leave with the rest of the fellows, and will be asked to spend approximately 5 hrs meal planning before the Master Class. Please tell us a little bit about your experience cooking, especially for groups. 150 words max.