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“The resounding message—sorely needed at a time when art is being condemned as irrelevant—is that not only can we live more deeply meaningful lives, but that art can have a potent role in this transformation. ”
— The Brooklyn Rail, Review of Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One

Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One, $35

by Abraham Burickson and Ayden LeRoux, with contributions from Rick Moody and short story by Amy Hempel. Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2017. 

We believe that art can be meaningful. We believe that it can elevate the lives of everyone involved. We believe that every person in this world has the right to be brought to their knees by beauty, and we’ve dedicated our lives to figuring out how. This book is the culmination of our research.

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Our latest project, the Library of Experiences, is a curated online catalog with sets of instructions for creating experiences of wonder and beauty for yourself or others. Your membership comes with an eBook of our publication Isolation and Amazement and our a hard copy of Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One.


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Isolation and Amazement: Documents from Odyssey Works' 2012 Performance The Map is Not the Territory

by Ayden LeRoux, with contributions Abraham Burickson. Designed by Sasha Wizansky. Published by Samasara Press, 2012.

Isolation and Amazement offers insight into the contemporary art practice of Odyssey Works, a group that probes the relationship between audience and artist by making deeply affective work for an audience of one. This artist's book documents and traces the experience of the participant, Carl Collins, with photos, drawings and writings from the 2012 production The Map is Not the Territory. Providing an intimate cross-section of the Odyssey, it highlights both the ephemeral and material aspects of the production. The participant's own perspective alongside reflections by the artists involved offer rare insight into the theoretical and personal aspects of the work.