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Team Bios

Abraham Burickson is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Odyssey Works, an interdisciplinary performance group that makes bespoke performances for one-person audiences. Trained in architecture at Cornell University, Burickson’s work spans writing, design, performance, and sound art. For more than a decade with Odyssey Works, he has continually sought to push the boundaries of interdisciplinarity and participatory art, working in collaboration with poets, actors, sound artists, composers, psychologists, designers, architects, filmmakers, and more in an attempt to develop an artistic process that is as rigorous in its craft as it is devoted to the continual re-evaluation of traditional form. Since 2002, the group has produced work in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Ithaca, and Seattle. In 2009 he started the Odyssey Lab, a series of intensive interdisciplinary retreats devoted to the study of basic questions in art. He is the winner of the 2018 Mary Sawyers Baker Prize, and his work has been profiled in the New York Times, Vulture, FastCompany, KALW, ArtInfo, the Stanford Storytelling Project, the SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, ARTE television, Metro NY, The Alcalde, and elsewhere. He has lectured at such places as the Brooklyn Museum, Cornell University, Fordham University, The GoGame, and Southern Exposure Gallery. In 2010, Charlie, a collection of his poems, was published on Codhill Press. His book, co written with Ayden LeRoux, Odyssey Works:Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One, was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2016.

Ayden LeRoux is the Assistant Director of Odyssey Works. Her practice an artist and writer spans installation, sculpture, video, photography, performance, poetry and essay in order to explore intimacy. Her work has been presented by Flux Factory, chashama and the International Photography Festival and has been exhibited in China, Cuba, Greece, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has participated in residencies at Flux Factory, ACE Hotel, and Space on Ryder Farm. She has lectured about Odyssey Works at the Brooklyn Museum, Fordham University, After the Show, and The GoGame. She is a contributor to Eyes Towards the Dove, a blog about contemporary art and culture, and in 2012, her book Isolation and Amazement was published by Samsara Press documenting the Odyssey Works production “The Map Is Not the Territory”. Her book, co written with Abraham Burickson. Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One, was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2016.