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During the month of November we're fundraising for our forthcoming book from Princeton Architectural Press, "Six Proposals for a More Beautiful World".

Our bespoke performances have transformed the lives of individuals -- many of them of have changed jobs, moved, made new commitments to a loved one after their Odyssey, which has inspired us to share our process with a larger audience by writing a book.

Sample pages designed by Sasha Wizansky

Sample pages designed by Sasha Wizansky

We’re writing this book because we want everyone to be able to create life-changing experiences. 

We believe that art can be meaningful. We believe that it can elevate the lives of everyone involved. We believe that every person in this world has the right to be brought to their knees by beauty, and we’ve dedicated our lives to figuring out how. This book is the culmination of our research. 

Princeton Architectural Press is going to publish our book in Fall 2016, and while it will be beautiful, we need your help to make our ambitious vision possible in these days when traditional publishing is challenged. Kickstarter is the perfect platform for our project, because it builds community and brings people together, just like our work does.

Building the More Beautiful World starts here. Join us.